(from Cenizo Journal, 2nd Quarter 2017) I remember clearly the first time I crossed from Texas to Mexico. It was 1994, and I had just arrived in Alpine and opened a Bed & Breakfast called The Corner House. I was also writing a travel guidebook to the region. David Busey, who was director of the […]

Casas Grandes & Mata Ortiz

Casas Grandes (Paquime) & Mata Ortiz                                                                                  $895 Small group tour (minimum 8 persons) led by […]

Copper Canyon train trip to El Fuerte, October 11-17, 2017

    Copper Canyon Train Tour October 11-17, 2017 $1,390 Wednesday, October 11.  Drive from Alpine to Presidio. Breakfast at El Patio. Taxi to Ojinaga. Bus (3 hours) to Chihuahua City. Lunch. City Tour with Edgar. Dinner at El Meson de Catedral. Overnight Quality Inn, close to the cathedral. Thursday, October 12. Up early to […]

Copper Canyon – Batopilas, November 1-7, 2017

Copper Canyon – Batopilas Visit Chihuahua City, take the train to Creel, and then by van to the bottom of Batopilas Canyon $1,380 November 1 – November 7,  2017 Wednesday, November 1.   Car pool from Alpine to Presidio. Breakfast at El Patio restaurant. Taxi to Ojinaga, collecting a tourist via (free) en route.. Express bus […]


I squeezed into a non-reclining seat on Ryanair at 6 am in late May for the 2.5 hour, $32 flight to Riga, capital of Latvia. The flight left from London’s Stansted Airport in driving rain and arrived in what Riga residents were calling a heat wave – a high of 85F. Since Riga is roughly […]

Round the World – October 2015 – 23,643 miles.

  lst Sector ALPINE to LOS ANGELES by Amtrak. 1,036 miles. $100. 19. 5 hours. 9.7 c per mile.     With the back fully reclined, and the leg supports extended, using both seats you have a small platform on which to curl up. Don’t expect a pillow or blanket, however.         […]

The Rio Grande: where did the water go?

Anyone standing on the banks of the Rio Grande upstream of Presidio might be excused for asking what is great or wild (Mexicans call it the “Wild River of the North”) about the sluggish stream of brown water flowing by. Fortunately, the brown stream is joined at this point by the fast-flowing Rio Conchos, three […]

Trinity Village, Newfoundland

  Located on the Bonavista Peninsula, 3 hours drive from St. John’s, is the community of  Trinity.   Founded in the 17th Century, with a history of fishing, the settlement has a population of 191 residents. The beautifully restored houses are called salt box houses, with a two-story front and a one-story rear, and a […]


  Newfoundland, coupled with Labrador, is the most easterly of Canada’s 10 provinces. St. John’s, the capital, is closer to Dublin, Ireland than to Houston. The province an island, reachable by ferry from the Canadian mainland. It has long winters and short summers. We don’t hear much about Canada in mainstream US news. Canadians, who […]

Going home? A reflection.

  For the past 12  years, every third year or so, I have gotten a group together, mainly folks living in the Big Bend, and taken them on the 10-day tour of Scotland, my country of birth. This summer, due to the added interest of the Referendum on Scottish independence, I took two groups, one […]