Big Bend, Texas Step-On Guide


“This is the view from my camp site”
(S.E. Rim, Chisos Mountains)


Step-On Guide


This is Jim Glendinning in Alpine, Texas. I have lived in this wonderful place for 18 years, engaged in tourism and writing.

I have written the following books about the area: From Big Bend to Carlsbad (1995); Unofficial Border Crossings (2000); Adventures in the Big Bend (2002), now in its 4th edition; Footloose Scot (2002); Local Legends of the Big Bend and Davis Mountains (due, April 2013).

 I have guided groups around the region for 15 years, including coach tours (M&M tours, Patti Tours), museum groups (Houston Museum of Natural Science) and travel trade groups (with Texas Tourism dept.).

I charge $80 per half-day, and $150 per full day, plus expenses.

Remember – the terrain may look barren, but our history is rich. The desert may seem empty, but it is full of life. Listen to a well-informed guide and go home, knowing how and why.




Jim Glendinning About Jim Glendinning

I am a Footloose Scot who has traveled to 136 countries. "I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move." Robert Louis Stevenson
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