(from Cenizo Journal, 2nd Quarter 2017) I remember clearly the first time I crossed from Texas to Mexico. It was 1994, and I had just arrived in Alpine and opened a Bed & Breakfast called The Corner House. I was also writing a travel guidebook to the region. David Busey, who was director of the […]

Trinity Village, Newfoundland

  Located on the Bonavista Peninsula, 3 hours drive from St. John’s, is the community of  Trinity.   Founded in the 17th Century, with a history of fishing, the settlement has a population of 191 residents. The beautifully restored houses are called salt box houses, with a two-story front and a one-story rear, and a […]

The People’s House

I flew to Bucharest, capital of Romania, with Wizzair, a budget airline I’ve used before. Cheap and colorfully painted, it is based in Budapest, but is US owned. I sneaked on-board a large carry-on bag without being noticed or charged; the Wizzair staff were more concerned with an on-time departure. The flight from London took […]

Las Vegas on the Cheap

    The first time I went to Las Vegas was in 1966. Flying from Los Angeles to New York, I broke the trip in Las Vegas for a long evening. Dazzled by the glitter of the place, even then, I had a fine time drinking, wandering around, and losing a little money before catching […]

Mexico – Boquillas Crossing Reopens

The changes at Boquillas Crossing are immediately apparent as soon as you turn off the paved road leading to Boquillas Canyon: a gate with scrolled metal lettering saying “Boquillas Crossing”, a wide, freshly graded road and, a little further on, some parking spots outside a brand new building. This is the self-service, remote-control U.S. Immigration […]

Group of Snowbirds tour Big Bend What it’s like to be their guide

                Spring Break 2013 is almost over, and statistics show that we have had plenty of visitors this year, helped by the strong showing of wild flowers. But what has it been like for those residents who cater to the visitors? I work on demand as a step-on […]

Low Cost Airlines – Europe

                                                      Background In 1993, the European Community deregulated commercial airline traffic and  national airlines lost their monopolies. Growth The result has been spectacular, with dozens of new airlines flying hundreds of different routes at lower fares than ever before. Some of the new airlines failed, but presently there are over 60 low-cost airlines flying within […]