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Promotional Card

I have just finished a new book, Legendary Locals of the Big Bend and Davis Mountains, published July 2, 2013, ahead of schedule. It is a popular history book containing 145 pictures of individuals from this region, from the earliest days to contemporary times, with an accompanying text describing their achievements.  In some ways, this is a guidebook to the region, understood through the lives of its inhabitants.

Arcadia Publishing in So. Carolina is the publisher. They have already published well over 8.000 Local History titles in the eastern part of the United States, and look like continuing indefinitely. In the Big Bend area they have published four books to-date, and this – with a slightly different imprint – is the fifth.

In Spring 2012 I got a phone call out of the blue from Arcadia Publishing asking if I would be interested in writing a book about the people of the area. I had already done interviews for Marfa Public Radio (“Voices of the Big Bend”) and am currently continuing a series of profiles of local persons for Cenizo Journal. 


Book Cover

Book Cover

Arcadia Publishing was in a hurry to get the manuscript from me, so I had three months to research possible persons for the book, make a decision according to my judgement, find a photograph or take a photograph if the subject was living, and write the text, which could be from a few sentences to half a page. I also had to write a one-page Introduction and to decide on chapter headings and composition, and to write an introduction to each chapter.

I was enormously helped in selecting subjects for inclusion by the Archives at the Bryan Wildenthal Memorial Library at Sul Ross State University in Alpine. In addition to a lot of papers to read, I ended up getting 52 of the total of 120 images from the friendly and informed staff. I got help from area authors, photographers and librarians, the Museum of the Big Bend as well as from numerous local citizens. Everyone was helpful in advising me to include their favorite teacher, coach, sheriff etc.

Faced with a over-supply of persons qualifying as Legends, I decided on a policy of balanced selection according to geography and occupation. This way, I would have persons in the book from Candelaria and Valentine as well as Alpine and Marfa. I also wanted to spread the professions and job categories evenly, so that I would have a balanced number of teachers and ranchers, coaches and artists, business people and persons working for the government. The publisher also wanted me to include some “unsung local heroes”, volunteers who do valuable work and are unknown to the community. The final selection of 145  pictures include couples like Hal and Mary Flanders, families like the Prudes and the Crossons, and  groups such as  ranchers, local businesses like our radio stations, the Holland Hotel and Border Patrol.

Individuals wanting to buy Legendary Locals of The Big Bend and Davis Mountains should shop online at www.arcadiapublishing.com ($21.99 including shipping), buy from Amazon.com ($16.32 plus shipping) or purchase a signed copy from me via  http://www.paypal.com/($21.00 incl. shipping). I hope you enjoy the book! It was a lot of fun to write and it is selling well.










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