Low Cost Airlines – Europe

                                                      Background In 1993, the European Community deregulated commercial airline traffic and  national airlines lost their monopolies. Growth The result has been spectacular, with dozens of new airlines flying hundreds of different routes at lower fares than ever before. Some of the new airlines failed, but presently there are over 60 low-cost airlines flying within […]

Travel Bargain 2013

  TRAVEL TIP for 2013  Take a trans-Atlantic Cruise  Sail from New Orleans in April 2013 to the following destinations: April 6  to Rome, 15 days, from $499  per person, sharing. April  21 to Dover, 13 days, from $669.  April 21 to Copenhagen, 16 days, from $599.    These are repositioning cruises. These ships are […]

Cruising the High Seas, Yes Please!

The worldwide shipping cruise market is going from strength to strength. Passenger numbers are increasing by more than 5% annually, and ever-bigger new cruise ships are being built. The largest cruise ship in operation carries 6,000 passengers. Americans provide more than 70% of worldwide cruise passengers, who now total over 15 million annually. Cruises are […]