Copper Canyon train trip to El Fuerte, October 11-17, 2017

    Copper Canyon Train Tour October 11-17, 2017 $1,390 Wednesday, October 11.  Drive from Alpine to Presidio. Breakfast at El Patio. Taxi to Ojinaga. Bus (3 hours) to Chihuahua City. Lunch. City Tour with Edgar. Dinner at El Meson de Catedral. Overnight Quality Inn, close to the cathedral. Thursday, October 12. Up early to […]

Round the World – October 2015 – 23,643 miles.

  lst Sector ALPINE to LOS ANGELES by Amtrak. 1,036 miles. $100. 19. 5 hours. 9.7 c per mile.     With the back fully reclined, and the leg supports extended, using both seats you have a small platform on which to curl up. Don’t expect a pillow or blanket, however.         […]

Tourism Pioneer in Cambodia

  In May 2012 I was at Bangkok’s Hualamphong station, waiting for the 7.30 pm  departure of the overnight train to Chiang Mai. This station was where I arrived by train from Bangkok’s old airport in 1988, and then followed footsteps marked on the sidewalk outside the terminal, which took me to a clean, inexpensive […]

Amtrak – a good ride! Megabus – a newcomer!

AMTRAK – a good ride! The Sunset Limited pulls into Alpine station Alpine is served three times weekly by Amtrak’s  Sunset Limited train. I recently took the train to and from Houston, an on-time and comfortable journey with a low ticket price. Changes to the schedule now means that you leave Alpine on Monday, Thursday […]